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About the Catalogue

The Catalogue lists details of Cardiff University's historical institutional archives, as well as details of archives and manuscripts donated to the library and SCOLAR by researchers, covering a range of subjects. The Catalogue gives general descriptions of complete archival collections, plus many detailed listings of individual documents,

- The search function will only find the exact words used in the catalogue, so it may be necessary to try several searches with related terms, for instance, photos, pictures, illustrations. Use the * symbol at the end of a search term to find all variations of that word, e.g. Ship* will also find results for ship, ships, shipwreck, etc.

- Search results are displayed in a table; the results can be rearranged by clicking on the relevant column heading.

- Click on a catalogue record in the search results to see more details about an archive. The hierarchical chart above the record explains its wider context within the collection to which it belongs. Clicking on the hyperlinked Ref No. will open a tree structure, allowing browsing within that particular collection.

- Not all of our archives are catalogued yet; please email us if you require further information about any of our collections.

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